The Satanic Bible   2/28/2017 So I’ve started reading The Satanic Bible and I’m officially intrigued. After getting through that boring foreword by Peter Gilmore I read the Preface, the Prologue and the Nine Satanic Statements. I have found that I have had to read paragraphs over again to really get the point. This is not the […]

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Legalize Hemp

We’re about to go into WORLD WAR THREE because we just can’t seem to get ourselves off that Saudi teet. Just fucking legalize hemp already and offer people credit for converting their tanks to bio fuel. Christ almighty! We don’t NEED those people!

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Mental Illness

I’m just going to say that, if you have been diagnosed with a mental illness, this is not the blog for you. This is a site of Magick, and it will drive you even crazier, to the point where you might hurt yourself or, God forbid, someone else. But I can’t stop you from reading. […]

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    Fuck your wars, fuck your oil, fuck your racism, homophobia, misogyny, and pedophilia. You better get down with me, before you go and fuck yourselves in the ass with a razor wire wrapped dildo.

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Occult Books

My approach to reading and understanding occult books is like a computer downloading information and programs. I read them, and usually get rid of them after I’m finished. Anything useful that I’ve obtained from them will manifest in my life. All the chaff will simply fall away. I’m not the kind of magickian who cares […]

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